Colder days, less humidity and a chance to sit around a fire; there are many reasons why July is a wonderful time of year to travel to Nelspruit. In fact, for many regular visitors, July is the best time of year to head to the area, especially if you are looking to avoid the intense heat that the Lowveld is so well known for. 

Most visitors who plan a holiday getaway to the Lowveld in July are coming here because they want to have a bit of a bushveld break. The winter months in Africa are an ideal time to go on a wildlife holiday to places like the Kruger National Park. The dry weather and the blissfully colder days are perfect for a more rustic holiday and even a camping retreat at this time of year can be quite magical. 

At Rockview Lodge, our bushveld accommodation in Nelspruit and camping options offer holidaymakers the perfect place to have a relaxing adventure. Our lodge is situated close to the Kruger National Park and other wildlife reserves where you can spend the day travelling on the gravel roads, spotting all sorts of fascinating wildlife. 

If you are on the fence about heading to the Lowveld for your winter break, here are a couple of reasons that might convince you to book your trip now. 

It is Dry and Wonderful 

The Lowveld winter is a dry season, with most of the rainfall usually reserved for the spring and summer months. Since the season is so dry, the vegetation turns from an abundant green to a golden dry hue. Since the water sources are so rare, animals tend to congregate around any water they can get, and this makes it easier for travellers to spot animals. 

The Skies are Crisp and Clear 

With little humidity and the weather being so dry, the Lowveld and the surrounds have endlessly clear days. This improves visibility and makes it easier for photographers to capture incredible images. The lack of vegetation also makes it easier to see wildlife at greater distances. 

If you are travelling to the area towards the end of July and into August, be sure to keep in mind that the area is prone to winter fires, which can cause visibility problems. 

Milder Temperatures

While in other parts of the world, sub-zero winter temperatures make travel unpleasant; here in the Lowveld we have the opposite problem. Our summers are uncomfortably warm. But our winters are, except for one or two cold days, surprisingly pleasant. Being outdoors for longer periods of time during the winter months can actually be a pleasure, and you can also be more active without becoming overheated. 

Fewer Insects and Mosquitoes

One of the really nice reasons to travel during winter, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside, is that you won’t have to deal with all that many insects, and mosquitoes, in particular will be nowhere to be seen. The dry weather and the lack of humidity are unfavourable for insects of all kinds so you don’t have to worry too much about extra precautions while on your holiday. 


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