Although it is one of the biggest towns in the country, Nelspruit is still the sort of place that is off the map for many. While the town has become more and more popular with travellers over the years, there is still much that people coming here for the first time don’t know about this sleepy destination. 

The town is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, in the picturesque Lowveld. Surrounded by scenic beauty and close enough for a peaceful weekend break, Nelspruit is an excellent place to head for a holiday, and at Rockview Lodge we have a range of stunning rooms and self-catered camping options for those visiting from far. Our Nelspruit accommodation is close to nature and far enough from the city that your peace and quiet won’t be disturbed. 

Nelspruit is a city with a small town feel. The city has not become overwhelmed by the stress and the rush that is usually associated with a city and while in the past it was treated as the stopover place between more thrilling destinations such as the Kruger National Park and the sandy beaches of Mozambique, today Nelspruit is its own attraction. 

Whether this is your very first time visiting the city or if you’ve been here a few times and you want to learn a bit more about what makes Nelspruit such a special place, here are 5 things that you might not have realised about Nelspruit. 

  1. Nelspruit is small 

It gets referred to as a city quite a lot, even in the media, but in reality, Nelspruit is incredibly small. While the definition of city might not be wholly determined by the size of the area in which it sits, most people will look at the size of the town and then decide what it should be called. But technicalities aside, Nelspruit although called a city, is very small. You can easily dash across the area in just 20 or so minutes, adding an additional 10 if you are facing peak time traffic. This small town feel is part of what makes Nelspruit so different. 

  1. Nelspruit is built close to nature 

The town is surrounded by the most exquisite mountains and abundant greenery, and the urban buildings have been delicately blended into the natural environment. This gives the town an even more peaceful atmosphere. 

  1. Nelspruit has a local economy 

While the town has most of the national franchises, the local economy is mostly built up on a small, family type economy. There are plenty of small businesses to support, and one of the best places to meet and support the local businesses is at one of the local markets. 

  1. Nelspruit is quiet 

Our nightlife has never really taken off. There are some weekends that get a little bit wild but aside from that the town is relatively quiet. This is even more the case if you are staying out of town, at Rockview Lodge, where you can expect to have a peaceful environment.

  1. Nelspruit is in a malaria area

During the hot and humid summer months, malaria is a real threat. If you are planning a stay here during these months, make sure that you take the appropriate precautions.