Are you dreaming of a winter getaway but worried about your budget? Don’t fret! With some careful planning and smart choices, you can enjoy a wonderful winter self-catered holiday without breaking the bank. 

At Rockview Lodge, our self-catered Nelspruit accommodation is the perfect place to have a winter holiday. With gorgeous open sunny spaces in which to sit and enjoy the sunshine and cosy accommodation complete with a braai spot, our lodge is the place to be this winter. Along with being an overall great option for a wintertime break, with Innibos coming up, now is the time to book your place before the rush comes!

  • Choosing your Destination 

To start, consider destinations with mild winters, like Nelspruit, that offer affordable options for cosy accommodation and activities. Look for places that have a lower cost of living or that are off the beaten path. Research travel blogs, forums, and travel websites for recommendations from budget-conscious travellers. And keep an eye out for destinations that offer discounts during the low season or off-peak months.

  • Finding Affordable Accommodation

One of the best ways to save money on your winter self-catered holiday is by opting for budget-friendly accommodation. Consider options such as self-catered apartments, vacation rentals, or hostels, which often provide more affordable rates compared to hotels. Utilise online booking platforms that allow you to compare prices and read reviews from other travellers. Don’t shy away from accommodation located slightly outside the city center, as they can offer lower rates while still being easily accessible.

  • Saving on Food Expenses

Self-catering is a fantastic way to cut down on food costs during your winter getaway. Keep a look out for local markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets where you can purchase fresh and affordable ingredients to prepare your own meals. Plan your meals in advance and consider preparing packed lunches for your day trips to avoid pricey restaurants. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to sample local street food or dine at inexpensive local eateries to get a taste of the culture without straining your budget.

  • Free and Low-Cost Activities

There’s no need to spend a fortune on entertainment during your winter self-catered holiday. Research and discover the free attractions and activities available in your chosen destination. Explore public parks, take relaxing walks on nearby beaches, or embark on self-guided walking tours to soak in the local atmosphere. Look for museums or attractions that offer discounted or even free admission on specific days or times. Nature lovers can enjoy hiking trails or engage in outdoor sports that require little or no cost, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without spending a fortune.

  • Off-Season Benefits

Travelling during the off-season offers many advantages, especially for budget-conscious travellers. Prices for accommodations and activities tend to be significantly lower, and you’ll also encounter fewer crowds, allowing you to enjoy a more tranquil experience. Keep in mind though that there is the winter school holidays that are coming up, so for at least a part of our Nelspruit winter, prices will go up.