Although it is not pleasant to have to deal with rain when you are on holiday, when you are headed to the Lowveld in summer, it is quite unavoidable. From around October to the end of January, Nelspruit has its rainy season. The hot days give way to thunderstorms and heavy rain showers, generally in the afternoon and the evening, and if this is the time of year when you are travelling to Rock View Lodge, we’re going to give you some rainy day holiday tips.

As November is now here, the holiday mood is in full swing. At Rock View Lodge, we not only have a fantastic range of Nelspruit accommodation for our guests to book, but our location, just outside of town makes us a peaceful place to unwind. Our lodge is the ideal place to stay if you are having a family get away or something a little more intimate.

If you happen to get to our lodge and it starts to rain on your trip, your holiday doesn’t have to be ruined. There are plenty of things that you can do, both in advance and when you arrive for your holiday which will help you be prepared for the wetter weather.

  1. Look ahead

There are so many weather apps that you can download and use on your smartphone these days, that if you are planning sometime away, there is no excuse to be caught out in the wet. With a weather app, you will be able to see the forecast and either rethink the dates on which you intend to travel, or you can make sure that you bring along whatever it is that will help you make your holiday a great experience, despite the weather.

  1. Plan fun rainy weather activity

You don’t have to stay at your accommodation in the gloom. You can instead plan to do something else on that day, such as planning a drive, heading to the local shops and restaurants to see what’s on offer, or head to local attractions and just spend the day exploring (from the warmth of your vehicle). If the rain isn’t too heavy, you could easily spend some time outdoors.

  1. Pack some warm clothes

Waterproof jackets and something warm are a must if you see rain in your forecast. The weather can get quite cool after the rain and as such it can help to have something warm in your luggage.

  1. Don’t get too hung up on plans

While some like to plan with a very strict idea about what they are going to do and where they are going to go, when the weather gets ugly, plans change and there is no use getting too upset about it. The rain won’t last more than a day, so try to kick back and relax, and plan to do whatever it is that you were going to do on another day.

  1. Pack board games and tell stories

It’s an old school tip, but if the rain is really bucketing down and you don’t want to go anywhere, bonding and relaxing over some board games and storytelling might just end up becoming the most memorable part of your Nelspruit holiday.