While there is a lot to be said about having a fully catered holiday, a self-catered holiday gives you the freedom to plan your own meals and eat on your own time, instead of having to worry about the onsite restaurant closing. The downside of such a holiday is that it will require quite a bit of planning on your behalf, to ensure that you have brought along enough food and that you know what you are going to make with it. Meal planning is of utmost importance, but your planning should go well beyond knowing what groceries you are going to buy.

At Rockview Lodge, we are one of the best Nelspruit self-catered lodges. Our accommodation is casual and comfortable and we have everything you could need in order to make delicious meals whenever you prefer. We are a popular place to stay for those who are looking for a more laidback lodge, and our location out of town makes us ideal for anyone wanting more peace and privacy while on holiday.

To help you prepare for your self-catered holiday, we have a couple of planning tips that you can keep in mind.

  1. Keep meals simple

Quick, easy to prepare for meals are going to be the perfect solution if you want minimal dishes and if you want to be able to prepare fast meals. Think about bringing along the kind of ingredients that will allow you to prepare the entire meal in one pan or one pot, and to reduce the dishes even further, you can serve the meal right out of the pan or pot.

  1. Buy local food

You don’t have to travel down from the city with everything in your bags. You can bring along a few basics and then stock up on the essentials at the local shops. You can also think about sourcing your ingredients from locally owned shops. If you are in town at the end of the month, you can head to the market at Friend’s Café where plenty of local vendors sell locally made food, such as preserves, breads, cream cheese, and organic fresh produce.

  1. Bring essentials

Most self-catered accommodation in Nelspruit has a very basic kitchen, and so if you need something special when preparing meals, be sure to bring it along.

  1. You can order

Nelspruit has a range of amazing places to order breakfast, lunch and dinner, so if you are not in the mood to cook your own meals, you can always instead opt to order a meal and have it delivered or you can collect it.

  1. Bring prepared mixes and meals

Meal kits and recipes that come with everything you need in order to slap a meal together are both a huge timesaver and they can deliver a really delicious meal in just a few minutes. These sorts of meals can also ensure that any and all specific meal requirements are well taken care of.