Rock View Lodge offers guests a number of fantastic accommodation options, including camping and cottages. All of our Nelspruit accommodation is self-catered and while you can prepare your own meals in your accommodation, you can also treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many great restaurants or cafes that call the city of Nelspruit home.

From the finest of dining to restaurants that are a little more laidback and quiet, Nelspruit has them all. Some of the restaurants in the city are small family owned businesses while others are part of nationwide franchises, so whatever you are in the mood for, you will be able to find it on a menu somewhere.

When you stay at Rock View Lodge, you will be close enough to all of the best places to eat, so you can easily explore all sorts of options and find the one that best suits your cravings.

Fine Dining

Orange Restaurant, Mozambik, Cicada, and Bistro Bistro all offer diners a really delicious menu. These restaurants are all a little more upmarket than the others and that makes them a great place to eat if you are looking for a more luxurious experience or if you want to treat yourself and a partner to a fancy night out. All of these restaurants cater to a variety of requirements and tastes.

Takeout Dining

Chippos, Maroti’s, Atlantic Café, and Jock and Java offer some of the town’s best fast food takeaways such as the town favourite, slap chips, wood oven pizza, burgers, Russians, chicken strips, and more. These places are incredibly budget friendly and they are very popular with the locals. Once you have picked up your meal, you can head back to the lodge and have a relaxed night in.

Franchise Dining

RocoMamas, Debonairs, KFC, MacDonald’s, Fishaways, Burger King, and Spur, are just a few of the franchises that have found a home in Nelspruit. If what you crave is something familiar, you can grab your meal from any of these places, many of which are great for a takeaway and are located in one of the town’s two malls.

Café Dining

Que’s Café, Mopani Fresh Café, Mugg and Bean, Three Little Donkeys, The Farm Stall at Halls, and Nadine’s Tea Garden are the best places to eat if you are just looking for a quick snack or a light lunch or a filling breakfast. Many of these cafés are locally owned, and their menus are really tasty and reasonably priced.

2023 is a great year to travel to Nelspruit, explore the surrounding areas, and dine out at one of the many restaurants and cafes that give the city its unique flavour. If you find yourself heading to the city on holiday or for a weekend away, you should think about booking your Nelspruit accommodation at Rock View Lodge. Here you will find an oasis of peace, surrounded by nature and with the best and most comfortable accommodation.